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Why join BOW?

BOW’s purpose is to promote the enjoyment and betterment of the sport of bowhunting.  BOW speaks for you with the State Legislature and the Game and Fish Department. We have sponsored legislation to 1) do away with the four separate archery licenses, we now buy only one  2) allow bird hunting including trophy with a bow 3) provide pre-season archery hunting (at one point we had lost them), and 4) elevate the black bear to trophy game status and take the bear tag off the elk license.  Additionally, BOW helped convince the governor to veto a bill which would have allowed the use of muzzle loaders during archery pre-seasons.

Working with the Game and Fish Department, we have promoted 1) longer seasons (15 to 30 days in most areas, where it was originally 10 days), 2) some archery only licenses, which allows you to hunt longer, and 3) adjust season dates so that all species don’t have to be hunted in the same time frame.

During the past several years BOW has donated money to the Game and Fish Department for different projects including windmill repair, spring developments, whitetail poaching decoy, goose nesting structures, pitting of elk pastures, habitat burning projects, and more.

BOW provided the initial funding and support to bring the International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP) to Wyoming.  In addition, BOW members have grouped together and taken on six Adopt-A-Highway program areas across the state.

Communication among bowhunters is provided through our newsletter, which is published quarterly. Any time other important issues come up, postcards, letters, or emails are sent to all members to inform them of the issues and where to make their comments. Our Affiliate Club Membership is another way to keep more bowhunters informed of the issues.

Winter banquets and meetings give members an opportunity to socialize and discuss concerns pertaining to bowhunting. Each year we have big game awards, a photo contest, vendor booths, and much more at our convention.

Bowhunters of Wyoming is a respected organization dedicated to the promotion and education of bowhunting and bowhunters, and to wildlife conservation. Support an organization that supports YOU! There is still a lot to do!

We hope we have provided you with answers to some of your questions. We realize there is always room for improvement and that comes about through your participation. If you would like more information about Bowhunters of Wyoming, you can contact any of our officers and/or area representatives.



Membership shall be granted to a bowhunter who:
-Has satisfactorily completed and submitted a membership application, along with the membership fee, to Bowhunters of Wyoming.
-Follows, in the strictest sense, the Bowhunters Code of Ethics and is of good moral character.
-Follows the Rules of Fair Chase, knows and respects the animals hunted, and follows the laws and behaves in a way that brings no discredit upon himself/herself or this organization.
-Hunts with only a bow that is hand held and hand drawn during the archery season.

Paper application available for those who wish to mail their payment instead
of using the online format.