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We are going to have a raffle for two items that were donated for the 2020 Convention a head of Christmas time. The 2020 Bear Trap that Kendel Cheatham made & donated and the Stone Glacier Sky Archer 6200 Pack donated by Stone Glacier.  Tickets will be limited to 100 tickets for the bear trap and 100 tickets for the pack with a cost of $10 per ticket.  The raffle will start on November 11, 2020 and the drawings will be held as soon as all tickets are sold or on December 15, 2020.  Below are pictures and descriptions of both items.


 The Sky Archer 6200 is the perfect pack for ultralight mountain
bowhunting, weighing 5 lbs 4.48 oz on a Medium Xcurve frame.  The center compression straps have added length and duel adjust male and female buckles for increased versatility when attaching a bow.  The Xcurve frame was designed to provide the utmost comfort and stability under the heaviest of loads, a perfect blend of lightweight design and heavy load hauler.
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2020 B.O.W. Bear Trap

The Bear Trap is one that Kendel Cheatham has been making and donating to BOW for the past several years.  It is stamped with Cheatham Trap Company and the year 2020.  In 2019, this trap sold at the BOW auction in Cheyenne for $1300.  The center jaws of the trap measures 14 inches and the length at the springs is 39 inches. These traps are always one of our hottest and most contested items. If you have ever missed out on the opportunity to get one of these this is your one chance to get in for a $10 raffle ticket! DON’T MISS OUT!!!

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A big THANK YOU to the donors and those who arranged these donations for their continued support to B.O.W. We really appreciate it. A special thanks on these raffles to Stone Glacier in their continued support of BOW and to Kendle once again for providing us with a great bear trap.
Let’s make this a successful fundraiser for B.O.W. Please BUY and SELL some tickets.

Thank you,
B.O.W. Executive Council