To run for any of these positions please submit a letter of intent by DEC 31st to Secretary and Newsletter Editor. Click here to email your letter of intent.

A letter of intent should include what position you are running for and information about you and why you would be a good fit for this position. Things such as; how long you have been a BOW member, other similar organizations you have participated in, how long you have bowhunted, what issues in bowhunting are important to you, what you see your contributions to BOW being can all help members decide if they want to vote for you. These do not need to be full page letters but a brief summary of these types of information. You must be a current member of BOW to run. Letters received by December 31st will be published in the January newsletter and the vote will take place at the convention in March (mail in ballots will be in the newsletter for those not attending).



Vice President



Past President

District Reps from areas 1-7:

One member from each area

Committee Chairpersons :

Bowhunter of the year

Education Committee

Legislative Committee

Convention Committee

Membership Committee

Public Relations


Records Committee

Newsletter Editor