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We are sorry to say this but the 2020 BOW convention has been cancelled due to the COVID19 issue in Sheridan and the potential health risks to our members and the public.  The Governor of Wyoming has requested no large meetings and the Holiday Inn in Sheridan informed us that the Home Show for this weekend and six other functions in the next week have been cancelled

The amount of work to put this on was incredible and this hurts the convention committee and the executive council of BOW more than anyone.  As a group we would feel absolute awful if anyone contracted the virus and it subsequently lead to the death of another person.  Cancelling this event is also going to be an incredible amount of work because of all the donated items that may need to be returned to the donors, cash donations returned, and banquet ticket payments refunded and all vendors notified.  Refunds for your banquet tickets will be issued in the form of checks from BOW as quickly as we can but please bear with us and you should have your refund in the next two weeks.

We will have more information to send out next week in regard to the drawing for the Commissioner’s License Raffle and how to handle the General Raffle for the 2 bows and cooler.

Thank you for understanding,

Bowhunters of Wyoming